Israel Channel 2 News Piece

Dani Cushmaro tells the story of the original Maccabiah riders and of the new generation of bikers.

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Dani Kushmaro live from the Maccabiah Games in Berlin

Dani Kushmaro the broadcaster joined the bikers in Prague and travelled with them to the Maccabiah Games in Berlin. Here he is reporting live to Channel 2.

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Opening Ceremony of the Maccabiah Games

Producer/Director Catherine Lurie-Alt and broadcaster Dani Kushmaro at the Opening Ceremony of the Maccabiah Games held in Berlin at the Olympiastadion in July.
After an amazing 25 day journey from Athens to Berlin the bikers delivered the torch.

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Announcing our OFFICIAL endorsement by Maccabi World Union

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i24 News report on Back to Berlin and The Maccabiah Riders



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Are you related to the original ‘Maccabiah Riders?’

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Channel 5 Sports int. with Photographer Ziv Koren and Producer Catherine Lurie about Back to Berlin

Watch Producer Catherine Lurie giving an interview with Photojournalist Ziv koren to Channel 5 news about our project Back to Berlin.

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Casting in Israel March 2015

We’ve just returned from Israel after a long week casting for bikers and filming for a short pitch trailer for Back to Berlin. We had a great time with the brilliantly talented Photojournalist Ziv Koren amongst others.


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